Thursday, 30 April 2015

Ziplining memories

By far, this is the one activity I could do every day for the rest of my life! I'm itching to check out the photo CD that 100% Aventura made for me afterwards, but it's still buried in my ruck sack and I'm still getting over jetlag...


Now I want to do Snowdonia's Zip World Velocity - the longest zipline in Europe and the fastest in the world. You can reach speeds of 100mph !!!


Friday, 24 April 2015

Those moments

As my trip through Central America draws to a close, these words seem very apt:

'Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.'
Hilary Cooper

Here are some of my "breathtaking" moments...

Checking out ancient Mayan ruins at Copan Ruinas in one of the World's most dangerous countries, Honduras

Macaw at Copan Ruinas, Honduras

Spider monkey in Granada, Nicaragua

Squirrel in Monteverde, Costa Rica

At the base of Arenal volcano in Costa Rica. Last erupted in 2010!

Football, the universal language. Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Orange and black kneed tarantula in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Sledding down the World's most active cinder cone volcano, Cerro Negro in Nicaragua. I didn't fall off the 800m / 41 degree angle descent and did a max speed of 37kms - taking the scenic route.

Beautiful buildings to be celebrated in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Antigua, Guatemala

Relaxing with tea and chocolate in Copan, Honduras

Watching the sun set on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Natural hot springs at Luna Jaguar, Copan in Honduras

Family of musicians on the streets of Antigua, Guatemala

Making cigars in Suchitoto, El Salvador. EL SALVADOR PEOPLE !!!

Flying Toronto to Costa Rica

Caiman in La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Ziplining Super woman style high above the rainforest canopy in Monteverde, Costa Rica. This is the longest zipline (1600m) in Latin America. 80m above the ground, flying over the cloud forest canopy at about 60mph!

On Arch Avenue in Antigua, Guatemala

Trekking up an active volcano, Concepcion on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua. Last erupted in 1957. I made it to 1200m of the 1600m. The volcano is one of the most perfectly shaped in the Americas with its symmetrical cone.

Hummingbirds in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Leon cathedral. Photo taken by Olivia Libisch

Friday, 17 April 2015

Travelling in your 30s

Check out this article: Travelling in your 30s

I'm second oldest on this trip, but we all get older some day. I love this article because although this is a basic itinerary - "roughing it" - and I guessed most of the group and even our tour leader would probably be younger than me, I wanted to try it. The very nature of this particular brand of G Adventures tour is YOLO - you only live once - and it's specifically designed for 18 to 39 year olds. For me, this is going out of my comfort zone. Last year was a tough year, so this is my reward to myself. I want to go wild and remember what it's like to simply live in the moment, rather than be constantly worrying about the future.

I've always travelled with slightly older people (and in some cases a lot older) because of the types of tours I've done in the past - fuller, included itineraries with top end hotels. Basically having a bigger budget to spend! Funny, I like these trips just as much as I'm enjoying this one. It's a completely different experience, but still just as fulfilling.

You're more sure of yourself in your 30s. I now have the confidence to do my own thing and follow my well honed interests and passions. I know exactly what I want from this trip - and it's working out well. A little drinking and recklessness coupled with some adrenaline fuelled activities coupled with exploring the wildlife and getting out and hiking. All the things I love to do.

Although I have savings for a rainy day, I scrimped and saved for this trip and stuck with my job until I could afford to leave and do it. It's certainly made me view the money in my pocket with more respect and I've thought long and hard about how I want to spend it. There is still a bit for pure spontaneity as well... But I remember the days I splashed the cash around and did things purely because they were there. It was more about ticking off the sights and highlights, then actually appreciating where I was.

The end of this article is brilliant and sums up exactly how I feel:

"Delight in the road less travelled. Make lasting relationships. Explore the world with confidence, wisdom and no worries. Life is not a dress rehearsal so grab it and fulfill lifelong ambitions. Defy any expectations about your age and travel the world the way it should be."

Friday, 10 April 2015

Stop waiting. Live the moment now.

Totally! Almost forgot how to do this. 3 days into my Central Americas trip and already the travel is therapy!