Sunday, 12 January 2014


I get worse as I get older, leaving everything to the very last minute so I go into blind panic mode and rush around like a crazed crazy person. I never used to be like this - and I'd like to say I do it for the adrenalin rush that fuels me to make the outcome bigger and better than before, but I don't even get that out of it. All I end up with is a muddled brain and no sense of achievement whatsoever, other than the fact I scraped through by the skin of my teeth.

I've got to stop it... and here's how:
  • Decluttering
  • Setting time limits - and sticking to them
  • Stop thinking about all the things I should be doing
  • Taking time out for myself by saying NO
  • Work out what I want
On a grand scale, these five things are a drama in themselves, but I'm talking little steps right now, and in the context of my writing environment and my writing endeavours.

At the end of the day, to do anything well, you've got to be disciplined - and a little bit selfish.

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