Saturday, 10 September 2016

No Greater Love by Danielle Steel

I haven't read a Danielle Steel for a while, so I really enjoyed this one and it reminded me why I like and admire her story telling.

I love stories with historical reference because it gives the plot credibility. Some people argue that this will then age the novel, but I disagree, especially when it's such a momentous occasion in history; something that shook the World - like the sinking of the Titanic.

Something I always struggle with when writing a story that will span many years, is how to go from year to year in the plot without ruining the ebb and flow. Steel does this effortlessly. The transitions are smooth and you don't feel you are missing out on something that should've been written, and wasn't.

I also love stories that centre around one family and how all the generations cope with whatever trials and tribulations are put before them. Courage and survival are excellent themes for a novel, as they spur you to keep turning the pages, as you will the protagonist on. Edwina is just that.

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