Friday, 7 August 2015

Poem For My Agents

This is a poem I wrote to all of my agents across the globe, when I left my travel job the first time, to write my book back in September 2009:

I really cannot quite believe
the journey I have lived and breathed
The things I've done, the places I've been
Wow! It seems but just a dream

To soar above Victoria Falls
To visit where the lion roars
Safaris in the dawn and dusk
and the thrill of nature's musk

To camp under the stars at night
and search for tigers at first light
Churches, temples, special places
and the many different faces

Elephants, camels, desert wilderness
Moonscapes, coastlines, beautiful landscape emptiness
Ancient Leptis and Petra standing tall
I was privileged to see it all

Being inside a pyramid for the first time
was a childhood dream of mine
So many memories, so much to tell
I can hardly wait to regale...

I do not know what I would've done
without your friendship and the fun
of being able to experience such things
and enjoy the wonderment that it brings

So these 10 years have been the best
but now it's time for me to rest
to ponder, muse and laugh and write
my ramble, rhyme and such like

It's not goodbye
It's not the end
I'll see you when I see you
my dearest friends