Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The Year Of Taking Chances by Lucy Diamond


It was time for another Chick Lit story, this time by a British author...

Three women. Three stories. Three opportunities amid the struggles.

Saffron is divorced, works in PR, lives in a one-bedroomed flat and goes through the motions of the daily tube commute. The only excitement is the fling she's having with Max.

"All the decisions that lay ahead made her feel queasy... there was no escaping the fact that she would have to start sorting her life out soon, pinning down a few certainties like markers on a map. This way. Then this way. And don't look back."

Gemma and Spencer seem like the perfect couple with their two children and their lovely old house in the country, but then when the scales tip, it takes all of Gemma's willpower to keep herself and her family together.

Caitlin is on the verge of a break up and one discovery is about to turn her whole world upside down.

This was a great, heartwarming story bringing these three women together. The writing flowed, the plot was believable and I would certainly pick up another Lucy Diamond novel.