Thursday, 17 December 2015

Smart tips for eating free on the road

I never really thought about this until I had to travel on a budget, but filling up on food at these obvious opportunities will help you to keep your money in your pocket and spend it on fun experiences and activities instead. Win Win!

1) Book hotels with breakfast included and then eat until you're stuffed - and then go back for more to take away.

2) Visit local events like farmer's markets or street markets where they often have free wares to sample.

3) Wherever there's free bread at a restaurant, load up on it.

4) Grocery stores can be a great place for free samples especially in the bigger cities.

5) Check out the local magazine / paper you get in your room at the hotel to see what offers restaurants have in the area.

6) Book on tours and activities that have a free meal included. These can be really good like a beach barbecue where the food is plenty, or a buffet lunch in a restaurant - more opportunities for "takeaway"!