Tuesday, 15 December 2015

What travel does to you

Would I be standing on top of an active volcano, ready to ride down it, wearing an orange jumpsuit and sitting on a piece of plywood in my everyday life? Well... No! Of course not. This is a great example of what travel does to you - it takes you outside of your comfort zone and makes you more open to new experiences.

The normal every day is routine: Eat. Sleep. Work. Repeat. There is nothing risky here. You don't take impulsive opportunities and rationality wins the day. But when you travel, it's time to be free and adventurous. I've got to the point now where the whole thing is second nature. I switch off normal me and switch on travel me. When you're globetrotting, there's no time for insecurities. You've got too many other things to think about and too many other things to enjoy and immerse yourself in.

The confidence that comes from travel gives you an edge. You'll never be short of a conversation starter. But, whilst you're travelling, you're open to meeting new people, forging friendships, taking risks, you relax into the journey and experience and stop worrying about the little things.