Saturday, 9 April 2016

Mixology masterclass

So the great thing about working in London is... all the cool things you get to do after a hard day in the office. On Thursday I went to a cocktail masterclass at the Mixology Studio in Shoreditch. We made (and drank) several (Expresso Martini, Singapore Sling, Sex on the Beach and Tequila Sunrise) whilst nibbling on antipasti, before making the ultimate - the Zombie - and having a go at a team effort in the final challenge. All good fun with a little history to boot!

Pictured below is the Zombie cocktail said to have more rum in it than a pirate ship. The best bit is when you light the lime and sprinkle cinnamon on it. The sparks are amazing!
The fruity taste smooths over the high alcoholic content, making it deadly. And now, having made (and sampled) it myself, I know what Billy Connolly is talking about, when he advised his audience during his An Audience With... show back in the 80s, to try the Zombie because it's "an extraordinary concept; (the consumer gets) drunk from the bottom-up" !!!