Saturday, 2 April 2016

Oh Circle Circle

Following on from last week's post - Poems on the Underground - here's my very own poem about the Underground.

Oh Circle Circle
You're rubbish Circle Circle
You go in a blimin' Circle
What's the problem Circle Circle

You're always delayed
You always let me down
You might be yellow and sunny
But you always make me frown

Your signal failure excuses
just won't wash with me
You've got the newest carriages
But you're rubbish constantly

Oh Circle Circle

If you were a man
Three strikes and you're out
But how else would I get
to the end of my route (say route in the American way so it rhymes)

Leaving me stranded
At Waterloo every night
Does nothing for your brownie points
You're definitely crap, alright!

Oh Circle Circle

You make me miss my connection
By minutes, sometimes only seconds
Sort it out Circle Circle
A new attitude and approach defo beckons

I'm getting madder Circle Circle
You stand me up all the time
How would you like it Circle Circle
If shoddy service became a crime?

Oh Circle Circle

When I smell the grub at Waterloo
My stomach growls with food envy
Knowing that I'm 30 mins further
Away from an eating frenzy

You tear into my evenings
As you rumble from station to station
You make me rush for nothing
You're a poor excuse for a tube creation

Oh Circle Circle

Last night you were...
Supposed to be severely delayed
So I got on good old District
Only to have the nightmare replayed

I guess we'll never get on
I'll never hold you dear
And when I have to recommend
I will totally steer clear

Oh Circle Circle
It could have been beautiful
You started off so promising
Now you're barely dutiful

I'd love to kick you where it hurts
To cheer myself no end
But then I might just break my foot
And you ain't worth it my friend

Written whilst waiting for the Circle Line, as I do every night *sigh*