Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Central American currencies and the white dollar

I love collecting coins and notes from my travels
Juggling 5 different currencies along with the Canadian dollar was interesting! Luckily my roommate had downloaded a handy offline app that told us what to expect with the exchange rates.

Useful info (exchange rates are approx based on when I travelled to Central America - April 2015):

Out of the 5 countries I visited, Costa Rica was the most expensive, but Antigua in Guatemala wasn't far behind.

El Salvador adopted the US dollar as their national currency some time ago.

Costa Rica
1 US dollar = 500 Colones

1 US dollar = 26 Cordobas

1 US dollar = 20 Lempira

1 US dollar = 7.5 Quetzales

I was chuffed to get a 1979 white dollar in El Salvador and looked it up to see how rare it was once I got back home. Turns out it isn't that special (would have been great to get the 1981 version), but still a good little find for the currency collection.

About the white dollar, taken from Wikipedia.