Friday, 19 June 2015

Thirty-Two Going On Spinster by Becky Monson

After The Happiness Project, this was a lighthearted Chick Lit read. It was funny, silly and easygoing. And despite the Americanisms, engaging.

Jules is 32 and lives in her parent's basement. She has a job she doesn't enjoy, no social life and no motivation or hobbies other than baking.

It's a storyline I've seen a thousand times, but with Monson's twist. I admire authors who take a tried and tested storyline and put their mark on it.

What I also like, is that even in the story's simplicity, the author has a plan to create a series from this book. She knows her market and target audience and has geared her social media to this particular genre. I wish I could be that disciplined!

Some of my favourite bits from the book:

"I believe that I am past the common age for marrying. I just turned thirty-two. What's the going age for marriage now? Twenty-five? Twenty-six? It doesn't matter because at the age of thirty-two, my clock is ticking. In fact, my doctor informed me of that last week. He actually told me that I should consider finding someone and settling down because my eggs "weren't getting any younger." Pretty harsh when you consider that I haven't been on a proper date in over a decade, right? I seriously should find myself a new doctor, one who sugarcoats everything."

"I got a reply back that simply said: "You're welcome," which I took as: "Please have my babies."

"It's better to avoid feelings rather than actually feel them. I'm good at avoiding. I've been doing it for years."