Monday, 1 June 2015

Social media on your travels

I remember the days when I lugged around a chunky camcorder, a camera with rolls and rolls of spare film and my mobile phone only let me text and make phone calls. Now, you just need one device and it can do all of those things plus much, much more. Thank you Smartphone!

I love social media-ing myself whilst I'm travelling because it's so special (not to mention amazing) to be able to share what you're experiencing in real time (minus any time difference) with your family and friends back home.

Here's a great article with tips and tricks for using social media effectively whilst on the road. I have to admit to being rubbish at hashtagging for maximum exposure on G+, Instagram and Twitter, but I particularly love the tag #passionpassport I'm also not the best caption writer. Sometimes there is so much I want to say! I think the idea of visual storytelling especially on platforms like Facebook and G+ is really important. Post your pics and tell a story with the sequence.

The Social Traveller: Using Social Media On The Road