Wednesday, 20 May 2015


After another wonderful lie-in despite the noise (must have been tired), Olivia and I headed into town for some breakfast. We were in that "brunch" period so we struggled to find anywhere serving food. Everywhere looked locked up. In the end, we cautiously walked into a bakery and a very grumpy lady served us juice, biscuits and pastries. 3 pastries / biscuits and the OJ cost us 1 dollar 40, 2 dollars with a tip - nice going!

Ataco is a very artsy town so we wandered around enjoying the many wall murals and then walked up the hill to the church to take photos. We continued up the hill along with the children going to school, although a lot of them caught a lift. Very wise in the heat. Then we walked back down and across town and started towards what we thought was the way to the volcano. The path was so steep and it was getting really hot. We had no idea where we were, but we saw lots of lizards, big bugs dead and alive and butterflies floating by. Still no pics of the Morphos even though we chased it. It's just not meant to be...

Giving up, we walked all the way back into town and finally restaurants were open everywhere - and with happy staff. I was so hungry, I ordered spag bog, cheesecake, real lemonade and a toffee mocha frappuccino and it couldn't have tasted more wonderful. After all that, we went back to the hotel and flaked out until dinner. Oh, and we picked up the laundry we put in at Reception yesterday. They had washing machines back there, but I think they hand washed my stuff because I still had soap powder in everything. Hmmmmmm