Saturday, 30 May 2015

Purchases and mementos

As my travel cabinet fills up, I have to buy smaller objects!

From left to right: a handmade earring with engraved turtle bought from a village pottery in Nicaragua, a piece of my nemesis Concepcion volcano on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua, a cigar I hand rolled in El Salvador under expert guidance, the iconic cowboy hat from Copan, Honduras, a chicken bus from Guatemala and a little China cup from Costa Rica with the well known saying "Pura Vida" ("Pure Life")

The cigar didn't taste half bad!

Other purchases included my "Pura Vida" tee, a freebie from the Bigfoot Hostel - a volcano boarding tee, coffee jelly (which did taste fruity) and Noni herbal tea from Guatemala, my bag of Costa Rican treats from San Jose airport - a couple of bags of coffee and a range of yummy chocolates (caramel, coffee bean, orange and a mixed selection - all dark chocolate) and a couple of boxes of maple syrup biscuits from Toronto's Pearson airport.