Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Homeward bound Pt.1.

Despite a long day busy doing very little (waiting around is exhausting), I didn't feel that tired, so I was all up for tapping into the Air Canada app again and watching another movie and some comedy on the 5 hour flight back to Toronto. I ordered beer and snacks (you can only use your credit card, but I got air miles yay) and finally watched Frozen along with an episode of "The Middle" and one of "Mom" - both new on the Comedy Central channel here in the UK. It was a fun, relaxing flight.

This time last month... I was preparing for the worst in the small hours of the morning though, once we arrived at Pearson International, but I couldn't believe how smoothly everything went. Security was a breeze as we were the only flight, my bag came out on the carousel once we'd landed and I found my pre-booked limo and driver just outside Arrivals with relative ease. It was pure bliss to be chauffeured to Oshawa down a quiet 401, lounging on the leather seats and listening to some chill out music my driver selected, once he knew just how exhausted I was. Tarmac roads are a real treat after bumping around in a bus for 3 weeks.

So, from waking up at 4am the previous day, to falling into bed fully clothed around 4am this morning, the 24 hour journey was finally complete. Not surprisingly, I slept like a log.