Sunday, 17 May 2015

Poneloya's magical moment

Written by moi to capture the moment plankton twinkling electric blue under the starry sky washed up in the tide in Poneloya, Nicaragua. One of the most magical moments...

It’s creeping up to midnight
That magical, enchanting hour
Everything so calming and quiet
Except the surf breaking; feel the power

The sand between our toes
We’re here on the beach in Poneloya
Mother nature is about to propose
It’s time for us to enjoy her

Tonight she’s putting on a show
A twinkling mirror image of light
Beginning many, many years ago
It promises to be exquisite and bright

We’re here to wow and witness
The phenomenon of Bioluminescence
In all the beauty and delicateness
And wonder its very existence

Millions of microscopic plankton
Reacting with oxygen in the sea
I wish I could share with a loved one
This is an incredible moment for me

Each organism jostling for position
A rising wave setting off the reaction
Washing up in the tide on a mission
Awesome in its abstraction

The tiny electric, neon blue sparkle
And the deep, endless starry sky
Are enough to startle
Even the most trained and appreciative eye