Sunday, 17 May 2015


The beach at Poneloya
This was easily the easiest day of the tour and I'd totally planned it that way. This time last month... after the most amazing lie-in (sleeping until gone 9am), going down to breakfast in my night shirt and having the Americano brekky that absolutely hit the spot, I showered, dressed and plopped myself on the beach in Poneloya. Listening to the surf crashing in and reading The Happiness Project on my Kindle, I was in my element. Completely and utterly relaxed, we watched the boys surf and then the fun came with the volley ball tournament. Tequila shots, drinks on the beach, Jenga and witnessing the luminous blue and sparkling plankton, washing up in the surf later that evening under a star lit sky, concluded a perfect day. 

The compulsory beach selfie complete with very burnt nose and awesome tan marks ;D