Friday, 15 May 2015

Masaya volcano and Lake Nicaragua

This time last month... We had a busy busy touring day ahead of us. City tour of Granada, church visit, white villages, pottery tour where I bought my memento from Nicaragua for my travel cabinet, lagoon visit, flea market for shopping and lunch - I picked up my beach hat and we tried some more local food, then it was over to Masaya National Park where we stopped off at the museum, saw another lagoon and finally went up to the crater edge. Sadly no red hot lava sightings but plenty of smoke and gas spewing out. I walked up halfway to the first of two look out points; couldn't go any further as my legs were still tired from Concepcion! From Masaya, we took a boat ride on Lake Nicaragua exploring the many islands and it was during this that we had a great Spider monkey encounter. So cute! When we arrived back at the hotel, it was a quiet night around the pool with some Western food.

Enjoy the pics.