Thursday, 28 May 2015

Penultimate day

It's official, I've gone beyond tired. And I've got that horrible twitchy leg thing, irritable, just great for another flight tonight... I distracted myself by thinking about all the things I was going to blog about once I got home. When I typed them all up, I had 7 A4 pages worth of ideas and material!

I packed my suitcase for the final time, squashing my outfits I'd brought for Canada around my dirty Central Americas ruck sack full of dirty washing - nice. I was kind of looking forward to not living out of a suitcase / back pack for a while. All the things I'd missed over the last 28 days were now floating into my mind like tiny novelties. I couldn't wait to use my electric toothbrush. Ahhhhh, it's most definitely the little things.

I bought some boxes of maple syrup biscuits at the airport. If you looked in my hand luggage (a giant Costa Rican bag full of goodies), you'd think I had an obsession with coffee and sweets and biscuits, or I was buying merchandise to start up my own shop.

Apart from some chatty, hyper ladies sitting next to me on the flight to London (just my luck), it was ok. I put my headphones in and was soon absorbed in movies and music after dinner, eventually nodding off. I did watch the Paddington Bear movie and was thrilled to see something most people would miss - a split second moment between two of my favourite British stars - Geoffrey Palmer and Judi Dench. As Time Goes By is one of my favourite sitcoms of all time. I love catching heart warming moments like this.