Friday, 22 May 2015


A feast of photos coming up...

This time last month... Today was a busy day for me as I'd chosen to do all 3 activities to get the most out of exploring Copan and the surrounding area. Olivia and I went back to yesterday's relaxing lunch stop for breakfast at 7am and I'm sure this was the best banana milkshake of the trip!

We had to be back at the hotel for 9am to meet our Mayan Copan ruinas guide, Marvin. These were my first Mayan ruins and I was so excited. I absolutely loved this tour; walking amongst the ruins and photographing them, all despite the heat. And we got up close to Macaws! 
1pm was the tea and chocolate visit - how more amazing can you get !!! We took a crazy tuk tuk ride there and back, but the actual tour was so calming and tranquil set in gorgeous surroundings. We basically got to chill out, drink interesting tea and have chocolatey things. Perfect :D

Dashing back to the hotel, it was a quick shower and change into my swimwear and we were off again at 4pm to the Luna Jaguar natural hot springs to relax, obviously, but also to throw a surprise birthday party for the oldest member of the group. As you can see from the pics, we chillaxed... and then it was BBQ time along with lots of Tequila, drunken "hit the Sponge Bob Square Pants pinata full of sweets", cake in the face, cake fight, stumbling around in the dark outdoor showers, groovy dancing, a late night "get your kit off" bathe and... an awesome evening culminated in the party bus ride home where we sang our hearts out to Taylor Swift and the Spice Girls. Loved. Every. Second.